Volunteer Stories

Making sure volunteers feel fully supported and happy here while they offer their time to help us and the community is incredibly important. 


See some of the experiences volunteers have had offering their time with The Wellbeing Service.


"Being able to volunteer with H4ALL was an amazing opportunity for me, it has enhanced my studies and given me new life skills to carry forward. They ensured I was comfortable in my volunteering placement and were always interested for feedback from me"

Niamh Fisher

Mikal Nuttycombe

"By coincidence I walked in to H4All looking for a voluntary job. By chance I got the work I aimed for. It certainly has become the most enjoyable role I have done. They have given me a great opportunity to discover and develop new skills as a high-level back office administrator. I never knew before how much working in an office would suit me. I love it. At H4All I am part of a fun and well-tuned team. It is fantastic to be part of a team so passionate and driven at what they do."

Kay Karoliya

"I have been volunteering for one year and three months. I cover reception and I help with administration tasks such as; dealing with incoming post and distribute it out to the tenants of the building, take down room bookings and organise invoices each month. I really enjoy volunteering as it has changed my life. People are very friendly, helpful and they look after me. Everyday is a different day and I have gained a lot of experience. I really look forward to coming in."

Sonia Vines

"I absolutely love volunteering for H4All. This is an opportunity where I can cheer up isolated or lonely people over the telephone. Being in an office surrounded by an amazing, fun team, it certainly has also brightened up my life."


Kinjal Jethwa

"I am a student from University Of Westminster. I am studying Business And Information Systems as part of my degree. As my final year of University, I have taken a module which includes Work Experience. Volunteering for H4all as my one month’s placement has really developed my admin skills and the attention to detail such as updating records for new clients, assisting people at the reception desk and managing phone calls. I have also taken part in the PAM project which involved using their Database, updating records and getting client feedback to help improve the service. Having this will help boost my CV and my degree in securing a job for the future. Lovely people, lovely atmosphere and environment. I loved working here."