Musculoskeletal Service (MSK)

H4All CIO have joined forces with health partners to expand the already existing MSK pathway.


The pathway is collaborative service between Hillingdon Health and Care Partners (HHCP) composed of The Hillingdon Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Central and Northwest London NHS Foundation Trust, the Hillingdon GP Confederation, and voluntary sector partners H4All CIO. 


What are Musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions?

This can be an injury or pain in the Musculoskeletal system, which includes joints, ligaments, muscles, nerves, tendons, neck, back and structures supporting your limbs. These can occur for many different reason, no matter age or gender and they could be short-term or long-term conditions / issues.

If there are any signs of pain or you've had an injury causing discomfort you should always seek help from a medical professional, in the first instance your GP and they will refer you to the most appropriate action. 

If you're suffering with any joint, muscle or bone issues, you may have visited a health professional.

From there you may be referred for treatment or other medical support. From there, you're likely to have advice from MSK health professionals.

If you're unable to manage these conditions while at home or they have affected your day to day, emotionally, socially and / or practically that's when we come in. 

We can help guide and refer you to our teams working in the community and specialising in support for long-term health conditions affecting your life. 


Information, Advice & Support

H4All has an active partnership with health care, community services and the voluntary sector which provide us with access to a wealth of local and national knowledge.


Information and guidance is offered on what is availabile for the needs of people suffering from MSK related conditions. This guidance may help people toward avoiding problems in the future, live an independent life and build up support networks around them. 

Examples of some information we may provide;

  • Medical Professionals available within the community.

  • Exercise groups to help support your conditions

  • Yoga, Thai Chi, Meditation, relaxation groups / support

  • Services to support you at home

  • Services to assess for adaptations / equipment for mobility support

  • Any private services for home, health, or social support

  • Transport options to support mobility issues

  • Community services available such as home visiting dentists, opticians and podiatrist

  • Emotional support (counselling and other therapies)


And much more.

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Coaching & Wellbeing Support

Living with MSK conditions can affect people in more ways than they think. Some people can become embarrassed having to use walking aids, or from feeling less able and even talking about struggles they are having. Some people isolate themselves because of these reasons and then begin to neglect other areas of their lives. 


This service can help support people that are needing more intensive support with these neglected areas of their lives that stem from suffering with MSK conditions.

How it works:

Our triage team will allocate people to specific teams within our MSK service. The team involved will work along side clients, by telephone, weekly one to one's, or a mixture of the two, following an initial home visit to organise a strong support system around them.

The Team

Wellbeing Support Officers


They will organise practical and emotional, support making sure that people have everything they need for a comfortable day to day, such as social activities, exercise groups, transport services, benefits, help at home, etc.

Motivational Coaches

They will work with people by visiting regularly, setting tasks, actively listening and creating plans to help work through emotional / psychological barriers which in turn are affecting their motivation...